Monday, June 13, 2016

6/13/16 "Abuelito!"

No we haven't gotten to go to the temple again with my last district yet, we might soon. I haven't yet really gotten to know the ward since this weekend was stake conference, we haven't had a regular week of church yet. I am told we have church at 3 pm and it's priesthood first and sacrament meeting last so that's kind of weird. We have several people committed to baptism, a man named J____ D_____ who has his date for the 25th and came to church this Sunday. 

We were told that we could go to the adult session of stake conference on Saturday if we had an investigator going, otherwise we were to keep working.  E______, an older investigator told us that he couldn't go on Sunday but he could go on Saturday, it was a pretty unusual experience.  Since we live so close to the church we just brought him with us, we were going to looking for someone to visit with him at the church while we ran home to get our suit coats and as soon as we entered the church some young lady hugged our investigator saying, "abuelito!"  (Grandpa!)  He hadn't told us that he had family that were members!  Later, when we got back to the church with our coats we saw him sitting with another girl who was his other granddaughter and apparently is the zone leaders' investigator who is going to be baptized this week!  Neither the zone leaders or us had any idea that we were teaching family members!  It was a great experience for him (and us)!

On Friday at 2 am we had to go wait for the bus coming from Barranca to take all of the missionaries to the meeting with Elder Rasband.  There were two other missions there.  We were all super tired and really hungry when we were waiting for them to get there but as soon as the meeting started we were super attentive and seemed to have energy from nowhere.  It was a great meeting!  Elder Montoya from our area presidency was there too. They let us all shake hands with Elder Rasband, his wife, Elder Montoya and his wife.  We didn't really get to talk to them but he said he was focusing on the shine in our eyes and said that one of the most important things we can do is smile, smile with our eyes shining too.  Elder Rasband's wife told us that when he proposed to her she said, "I won't be able to go on a mission so you had better live worthy to take me on one"... that has been fulfilled many times over.

Here is a picture of our whole mission.

I will be more than happy to work in the temple when I get home!
Thank you for everything!  Chao!

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