Monday, June 13, 2016

5/30/16 Our new convert got to perform a baptism!

It sounds like you had a great memorial day. I would like a good breakfast like that, I've been making myself a bunch of scrambled eggs lately since it's cheap... but there's no bucket of balls or swimming but whatever. There IS lots of water. 

It was a good week. On Saturday when we went to visit L____ she said her mom (who didn't come to church this last week like she said she would) was coming on Sunday. She started talking to her about how its a big commitment and how she should think it over really well... she wanted to talk with her about it first and then she started to get scared and said she wasn't sure if she should get baptized now and maybe she should do it later.  We calmed her down and helped to recognize the Spirit, we asked her to pray about it and in that very moment we all knelt down and she asked God if he wanted her to be baptized now. She offered one of the most sincere prayers I've ever heard and then when she finished, she knew it was the right thing to do. We said okay my companion is going to go with J_______ (a member who was accompanying us) to get everything ready at the church and I'm going to stay here with your dad (now a member with the priesthood) to accompany you guys to the church. It was awesome because S_______ (who had received the priesthood last week) baptized her.
Yes, I'm being transferred.  I am going to Huacho, about 2 hours out from Lima. So I'll be in the boondocks again, but it's okay, we're going to do good. 

No mom, none of this good and faithful servant stuff, that's for after it's finished and there is lots to do still! haha

thanks. nos vemos. la amo.

Also the district is super happy because we baptized 20 this month and we are going 20 weeks running with baptizing every week. So, we're seeing about going to the temple again as a district.

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