Monday, June 13, 2016

5/23/16 Beat the Mission Record!

We had 55 baptisms last week! S_______ received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday. L____  has been sick the last few days and could barely get out of bed, so much so that she hadn't gotten interviewed and couldn't get baptized. We taught her Saturday afternoon and when we went to her home C_______ answered the door and said, "are we going to get baptized now?"  We had to explained that it would have to be for next week.  L____ was feeling better Saturday night and they came to church on Sunday and they were interviewed for their baptism yesterday. 

No the guy in the picture isn't her husband, he's her kids' dad.  He had come to visit the children that day so she invited him to the baptism which was great because C________ can't be baptized without his permission. If he were her husband, we would never have taught her without him and certainly wouldn't baptize her without him, that is something that President Archibald has taught us very well.

M_____ is doing well too. The older couple didn't come to church because they had a neighborhood meeting and they would have been fined for not attending, therefore they won't have attended church enough to be baptized on the 11th. This week we had 19 weeks in a row with baptizing every week as a district and will have 20 this week. 19 already beats the mission record!

My mission president is perfect. haha or that's how it seems. Well, I had my last interview with him this last week. We talked about several of the goals and plans and the vision he has for the mission and what he hopes we can do with the new president.  We discussed the importance of the example of those of us with time in the mission with the transition to a new president. He said if I'm ever in Idaho that I have a place to stay (before the mission he had been teaching institute in Alabama and now he's going to be teaching institute in Idaho, I think at Boise state or some other college in Idaho, I don't remember which). I told him I was going to school at BYUI and he said I'm sure we'll be seeing each other then. He also said that Elder Montoya (of the area presidency here) told him that his relationship with his missionaries was an eternal relationship, he said that Elder Eyring had alluded to that in some training and now he's understanding that better. I can't say I fully understood it, but that's okay. He always asks, "so what can I do to help you?" at the beginning of every interview and I asked him what was the most important thing he had accomplished as president and he said that he had really taught the missionaries the importance of following the brethren and that the best leader is an exact follower.

I'm glad to see you're perfecting your driving at the range. (golf) That's one thing I wish we could do for pday here. haha

That's so weird that he was in the quorum of the 12 with his mission president, I never knew that. (Richard G. Scott was Elder Christopherson's MP) almost as cool as when Joseph Fielding Smith was in the quorum of the 12 at the same time as his dad (or was it George Albert Smith, I haven't read our heritage in a bit).

Sounds like you got to attend an awesome fireside. I can imagine why Elder Palmer didn't talk super long I would want Elder Christofferson talking the whole time. I'm still excited for the meeting we're going to have with Elder Rasband.

Anyway thanks for everything bye. nos vemos

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