Wednesday, June 8, 2016

05/09/16 Commitments!

My week was fine, not perfect, but good.  We have some investigators that are progressing and I'm really excited for S_______'s baptism this week.  You have to see the guy, he's really cool, but it's kind of weird because he seems kind of bored all the time, like when Elder Castro first got here, and in his first lesson with him he was a little unsure of his commitment like he'd say 
so you're going to go to church right? and he responded in kind of a bored voice: yeah.. 
are you sure? 
Yeah, the last time I went it seemed pretty nice, the church was really big.. 
And my companion was sitting there like I'm not sure about this.. but the last two times he came to church like 20 min early. 
...or the first time I taught him after explaining The Book of Mormon I asked if he would be baptized and he said well I've been baptized catholic is that a problem?
yeah okay.
He's become more enthusiastic but he always does what he says he's going to do like helping clean the church after the second time attending because they'd asked him to help during Priesthood meeting.

On Saturday before the baptism we taught M_____ in the church and after verifying that he had read The Book of Mormon we detailed the explanation of the book while asking him about what he desires from God and he explained that he was looking for patience and when were reading the introduction it spoke about how it teaches men how to have peace in this life and salvation in the life to come and he was pretty surprised and committed without hesitation to be baptized on the 28th! (We had put the date for the 28th the first time we met him but it was like a "as you come to know this is true" will you prepare to be baptized? but now it was simply a "will you be baptized"? So it was firmer)

We also contacted a lady last night who showed us The Book of Mormon she has and said that she, her husband and her daughter had attended church somewhere else several times but never got baptized, so that looks like a good bet for this next couple of weeks!

Anyway it was great talking to you guys on Mother's Day, don't worry that the Skype was coming in and out... 
gracias les amo chao

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