Friday, April 29, 2016

4/18/16 Lima Temple!

S------- is going strong, when he was leaving church he showed us the copy they gave him of Teachings of President Hunter, and said, "they gave me this to read and bring to church every week". So now he has his own personal commitment to continue going to church. We were surprised by two nonmembers from our area who went to church on their own, a mom and a daughter who said that the father is living in the US and is receiving missionary lessons, it sounds as though he was preparing to be baptized and that's why she decided to go to church as well, we'll have to get more information still on that but it was a great surprise.

R---- whom we visited because of the bathroom couldn't get to church because he's vice president of a neighborhood committee and they are trying to get asphalt put down on some of the main streets around there since they are just dirt roads and he had some meeting early in the morning, but we're going to keep working with him and I'll let you know how things go.

The District leader is from England so he doesn't care he just says he lives on an island so he has lots of ocean so I just remind him that people go to the beach for the sun and waves not for rain storms and tea.

What's the Provo city temple like? It looks awesome from what I've seen. In March, as a district, we set a goal of 12 baptisms to go to the temple and we got 18 so on Wednesday for the first time I went to the Lima temple. But because of problems with lack of space in the session my companion and I got to do initiatories  and then went to do sealings. Here is a picture of our district, the companionship of the month, and president, his wife and his mom.

My companion is going to Pativilca, the branch where I served at a year ago. and I'm staying here. I don't know any more details like who is my companion is going to be... 

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