Tuesday, April 26, 2016

4/11/16 What Missionaries do!

(In regards to this story... Diana was showing Krew a video of some missionaries singing a song and tracting, they kept getting the door shut in their face and finally some lady was nice and they gave her a Book of Mormon and Krew said, "Mom, those missionaries were so nice, they gave that lady a Book of Mormon!" It was so cute!! Diana proceeded to teach him that is what missionaries DO!! Share the gospel, give away Books of Mormon and teach people about Joseph Smith... Too cute! It's like he knows you are on a mission but he obviously didn't know what you do!!)
Krew is a funny little guy we'll just have to wait until he starts giving away Books of Mormon.

What was grandma's favorite talk in conference? What did Sarah think of conference? Did Jackie and Blake see conference too?

Around here the Peruvians sometimes make fun of the Bolivians (like my companion) for not having any coast in their country, so its funny because the Utahans will always say something about that to my companion and I just say "but in Utah you don't have any ocean whatsoever, you have to go through where I'm from to get to the ocean" to back my companion up and it always makes him laugh.

Jeff Ravsten got married? Tell them congratulations from me.

The week was good. The other day we were looking for someone to teach and we knocked a door and next door this older man opens up and kind of watches us so we went over to him and I asked if I could use his bathroom and he said oh yeah of course and while I was in the bathroom my companion was talking with the guy and his wife who are like 65ish and when I came out they had given my companion chicha morada (a common drink around here) and were asking us to sit. So that was easy. Apparently their son is a member who lives way out of town and although they say they're Catholic and all we're working with them.

It was weird just going out and working on Sunday morning and seeing the huge line in all the schools to vote. Apparently, it resulted that no one got a majority vote and they're going to have to vote again.

We're teaching a bunch of old people at the moment for some reason. A 70ish year old man named S------- who lives near L--- let us in and has so much time since he's retired that he has read a bunch in just the first week.

They still aren't sure where the temple is going to be, according to my mission president - President Monson hasn't decided yet.. and he said, "but the Holy Ghost can't keep a secret long and it'll be here in Miramar". haha we'll see.

anyway thanks. chao. cuidense

To his dad:
We took the bishop out to visit with us last night since he happened to be watching his sister's house right next to where we live and he met the family. We showed him where some converts live and we also explained to him about that sheet for converts... the one that has their individual information, their home teachers, the date in which they got a bunch of goals done from interview and priesthood to baptisms for the dead ending with sealing (I have no idea what that is called in English, here we always call it INL) It should be given to the converts themselves so they can track their progress (which is visibly written on the form) and he got all excited and says he's going to get them to the converts now and that was great. He's all excited since he's a new bishop! When I showed him my priesthood line of authority he was like I need to get that printed and asked me how. haha I said, "I have no idea, my dad is the bishop and he gave it to me".

I'm glad to hear the fast and testimony meeting went well. We had it the week before last since this week we had elections and there was no church (which means 0 baptisms and 0 investigators in sacrament meeting in all of Peru).

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