Tuesday, April 26, 2016

3/28/16 Like Paul before Agrippa

L---- had some odd problems with the interview but he got baptized this week, along with his wife N---- and 10 year old son R------. (his stepdaughter Z----- who's there in the picture off to the left was a less active member)

This was a pretty good week. Thursday night we decided that we really needed to find more new people to teach so we put plans a,b,c,d, and e into effect and on Friday 5 of the plan a's let us in and we taught 7 new people in one day! Then, after tying to find L--- at home several days in a row, we found him and they had their baptismal interviews they were found well prepared and were baptized on Saturday! We asked them who they wanted to have baptize them and L--- said I want you to baptize me and your companion can baptize my wife and son, so I was definitely happy. 

Bishop was really animated in ward council about the new family and the progress he's seen in M----- as well. M----- has two mission age sons and one that's 17 so bishop was talking about how we need to work together with them to get them out on missions. I was really content to see the bishop that excited. 

He was also really content that as a ward we've baptized 18 this month, as is our mission president. 

The members here go to the stake center to watch general conference. When I tell my companions that we watch it at home on the TV, they look at me like I'm from outer space. 

They do the same when I say that we hunt eggs for Easter. The Spanish word for Easter is the same as the Passover and they never refer specifically to Easter but to the whole week as semana santa (holy week) with lots of focus on Christ although a somewhat Catholicized Christ, but it's still pretty cool that the most important holiday around here is about the atonement.

I'm excited for general conference it's always a critical moment for investigators which means a lot of fighting to make sure that they can get there since the enemy will do anything to keep them from being there.

anyway thanks nos vemos y les amo

To his dad:
(in regards to the bomb in Brussels) 
I had heard 0 news on that, thanks for letting me know that's pretty intense. I'm glad that the missionary thought to bear his testimony in the interviews it's like Paul before Agrippa, instead of talking about the charges themselves he just bore testimony of Christ.

I'm glad to hear that the church was able to be well represented and may have gotten a wider reach because of this tragedy. The Lord can get his work done how he sees fit.

It sounds like some great Easter messages!
Anyway, thanks for informing me chao

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