Tuesday, April 28, 2015

04/27/15 Baptisms!

I listened to a really good talk on prayer this week so I took notes and sent them to Chad...

I like this one, it seems like exactly what one of my investigators needs to hear: that you might not feel a real answer the first time if our Father sees that it would be better to hold it back so you have to go under a little... if He gave us everything we'd be in the garden of Eden: a place where it is impossible to complete God's work.

Yeah that's fine, we can use Google Hangout for the Mother's Day call, just let me know my code and all that stuff next week and I'll find out when and let you know.

These are my companions first baptisms in the mission. I forgot to mention that my I lent my baptismal pants to my zone leaders in Huaraz and when they eventually got them back to me they had a pink stain in the crotch. I might be able to put bleach on it I'm not sure if it'll work or not.

I have been helping my companion with his English, I think it's pretty common, Michael says that in Madagascar that's the policy too.  I can only imagine how much it could help them in their lives. 

We have an investigator that is struggling, she has been reading and praying but I think her problem is "the real intent and sincere heart part".  When we were asking about what she read in The Book of Mormon she mentioned how 
at one point it said something about blessing your "lands, and your children, and your wives" and asked if they had many wives, so we explained how it was talking to a multitude showed her the part where Jacob condemns the many wives of David and Solomon and so forth but didn't use that to clarify the requirement of real intent or sincere heart like we should have...

Today we went and played soccer, made french toast and then went down to the beach (without getting in the water of course) for a minute.

We rarely go tracting, our mission president wants us to use 10 different ways to find people to teach every week in this mission.  For example, one of the ways president has asked us to use includes one that has to do with Noah's ark.  We are to tell members (especially new converts and less actives) the story of Noah's ark focusing on how just 8 souls were saved and basically asking for 8 references saying whom around here would they save. Another one is basically choosing a certain place to just walk through every day of the week at the same time and talk to people about anything without any pressure or anything and when you know them and they know you, you go and knock on their doors at the end of the week... that is just a couple of examples of how we find people to teach.
Thank you, love you. nos vemos

To his dad:
My companion says a volcano erupted in Chile down toward the South, I wonder if Mckay knows more or if he is helping with clean up etc.  What did you speak on in ward conference? and whose baby did you bless? 

I have noticed how Luke gets mistaken for an apostle himself all the time, even more than James (the brother of Jesus) since his epistle has nothing written to distinguish him from the brother of John, one of the sons of thunder haha

That does sound like big time for Sierra tell her congratulations for me. (His cousin performed in the Las Vegas Mormon Symphony) I hope that went well. 

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