Tuesday, April 7, 2015

04/06/15 I hope to help others to understand grace and to prepare themselves to be capable of resurrection into the Celestial Kingdom.

Yes we got to see all of conference but some of the Elders really wanted to see it in English so we packed into a ward office room where there was a computer to watch it in English (except the talks in Spanish of course). It was a little different than 11th row in the conference center haha. (We took our young women to conference and we got to sit on the 11th row!) That must have been cool to see what they were doing when sitting down and all. My mission president's wife doesn't peak Spanish haha so that would be different (I told him that Dallin got to see his Mission Pres.'s wife at conference and how cool it was to hear them speaking Portuguese to each other). What's his mission president's name? (Paschal Fortunate - he was sustained at conference as an Area Seventy!)

(On our trip to take the young women to conference we stopped and visited 10 temples!) How was seeing so many temples? Do you know why President Monson didn't close the conference? At the end of the Sunday afternoon session the missionaries all looked at each other and asked "What just happened?" 

How is grandma doing? (We went by and visited her while we were there)

I left my notes at the apartment but from what I remember one of my favorite talks was Elder Anderson of the 70's talk about hearing the music and all. Also I always love Christofferson's talks, he is awesome, plus the importance of marriage is always stressed around here since not everyone is married.

We don't have a pentionist here, but luckily we there is a place nearby the sells pretty good meals for s/. 4.50. They have like chicken and rice and things like that. For dinner I have different things, like I sometimes make a hot dog, cheese sandwich or cereal... things like that. We generally eat "dinner" during and after planning at night 9 or 9:30 depending if we have a late lesson. The laundry is separate from pentionist although we are at the moment looking for someone to do laundry. 

The heat is calming down. Finding and teaching are going well, we found a few just yesterday whom we have to visit again for a more full lesson.

So, I'm not sure if you know about these mototaxies (taxi's made from a motorcycle with two wheels in back) Well, when you ride in them it feels like that's going to happen, like in this picture every time haha
They're cheap so if we need to get somewhere within the area quickly, we use them (they're constantly crawling the streets).

In response to Neil L Anderson's affirmation that we were singing that hymn in whatever number of languages: I can't speak for other languages but here, the music is still in English and during the congregational hymns they stand and try to sing what's written in English on the screen haha
It's hard to dub music and the tabernacle choir is the best there is, I just find it funny that many who speak almost no English try to sing it, I guess it's a good example that they give their voices in praise regardless of whatever difficulty there may be.

To his dad:
Interestingly, this last Tuesday I had a work visit where my companion was visited in our area by the district leader and I went to the other area with Elder Quesne who had Brad Wilcox's talk on a USB and we listened to it. I noticed the similarities that we do not do good works to earn anything but as Wilcox put it, to practice the piano. I hope to help others to understand grace and to prepare themselves to be capable of resurrection into the Celestial Kingdom.

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