Sunday, July 17, 2016

6/27/16 We just have to work a little harder...

Last week in church I was just asked to talk about temples but I felt that it wouldn't make much sense to talk about temples without focusing on the ordinances because one thing I've learned on the mission is that it is not very useful to teach something if you can't invite someone to do something about it. I thought the members should start applying the area plan, so talked about temple ordinances and getting the recent converts to the temple as soon as possible as Elder Bednar told us when he visited here, he said that recent converts shouldn't go to the temple in weeks or months after baptism, but in days afterwards. 

J___ D______ didn't get baptized because he didn't want to do so without his wife, and since we're not here to pull apart families we will have to see if we can teach his wife even though they basically live separated most of the time.  She is in another area because of her work, but we are going to do the necessary and I feel that they will be baptized together.

Our meeting with mission president was great, he showed a clip of Messi's Hat trick against Panama and then said that's how should feel as you get to a new area, just a feeling of give me the ball and I'll get it in there. He then told us a story about helping a certain convert he had worked with like 10 years after his mission, he called the current stake president and he immediately addressed him as Elder Archibald, and said, "of course we remember you, you're the one who baptized La Dura!" (his mom) who had heard the lessons for like 20 years but had refused to be baptized during all that time. He said she wasn't even from his area he just went to their home on a work visit with another missionary, taught her the same thing as all the other missionaries had and invited her to be baptized that Sunday. She accepted and when her son came in who was then bishop, he dropped everything in his hands and just stared at him like how?  So president was explaining that our converts will remember us and have the exact image in their head of how we were as missionaries so we ought not to change much afterward for their sake. etc.

I'm applying the same principles as always. The new mission president gets here on Saturday and then we'll meet him. My companion is great, the district is good. We just have to work a little harder and everything will go well.

Joseph Smith's First Prayer is one of my favorite hymns, I can see why it spoke to your heart!  Almost every training with president we sing that song. it's funny because the song say's he'll be known by millions but in Spanish it says thousands and president always corrects that saying it's really millions but should soon be billions. 

anyway thanks for everything see you later.

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