Sunday, August 16, 2015

7/27/15 Reading The Book of Mormon as a Mission

You counted right, it is transfers but I am staying and my companion is too. Our district leader is being transferred but no one else in the district.

Orange chicken sounds pretty good right now haha, that's one thing they don't have here.  They have like two types of Chinese food which is called chaufa.

I am not sure where the name Everette comes from but Finnigan is super sweet I will definitely call him Finn haha (if I remember right I think "Finn, King of Finland" was on our family history way back on dad's patriarchal line haha)

Yes he went to church but he had to go for something after sacrament meeting. In the afternoon we taught him and then brought him to the elders quorum's birthday which a bunch of the branch was at (shown in the pictures) it was a good opportunity to fellowship him and he had a good time. His foot is fine I think it wasn't actually a nail so much as a pin or something.

Also as a mission we are reading The Book of Mormon in language study (the Latinos in English and the gringos in Spanish  with the plan to finish within 6 months) and are currently in the Isaiah chapters. 

les amo. nos vemos

This picture is from the birthday party.

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